Heritage Hardwoods is the leader in the manufacturing and sales of high grade, kiln dried hardwoods and finish moulding for use in commercial and residential applications.

When you call Heritage, you are speaking to hardwood and moulding experts with years of experience and expertise. Our commitment is to making your project the best it can be by paying close attention to detail and finished beauty. We pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality hardwood products on time and on budget.

No job is complete until it is finished. From the precision and uniqueness of its finish trim, to the custom millwork accents and the richness and durability of its hardwood construction, the beauty of any room is in its details.

Whether it's your most complex, high profile job or a tasteful room remodel, Heritage Hardwoods delivers. Our experts will make your project shine!

Partner with the Custom Moulding and Millwork Leader to finish all of your projects!


Why should you outsource your moulding work to Heritage Hardwoods?

  • Lower Labor Costs |
  • Lower Overhead |
  • No Minimum Reruns |
  • Reduced Lumber Waste |
  • On Time Delivery |
  • Less Inventory

What we have to offer!

  • Architectural Mouldings |
  • Flooring |
  • Radius Mouldings |
  • Rough & Surfaced Lumber

For more information about our products or any questions please contact us!

: 540.364.4321 | : 800.222.3512 | : Alan Freeman or Stacey Baldwin